Huron River Evening Steelhead

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March 22nd and March 24th evenings: 1 for 4, then 4 for 4 on small steelhead.  8mm BigHole UV Orange bead got all the hits.  First evening, using a barbed #6 hook held 1 of 4 fish. Next evening, using the lighter wire #6 hook with the barb broken off held all four fish hooked.


Biggest and last Fish.  These fish run out or Lake Erie and run younger and smaller because the feeding in Lake Erie is not very profitable.  We get lots of skippers.  A fish with a head as big as this one would weigh twice as much if it were running out of lake Michigan.  I didn't photograph a 12 incher and a 2 pound fish that was hooked 2 inches behind the mouth. 

The only fish landed out of 4 hooked on the first evening.  I left this fish setting in the shallows while running back to the car to get my camera, he thrashed around enough to be bleeding when I got back.  I gave him to a very eager young man who had just come up when I was taking his picture.

I spent most of both evenings with a 2 bead rig or a trailer fly behind the UV Orange bead.  They all wanted the UV Orange bead even though that was the top bead, usually the point bead or fly fishes lower and gets more hits.


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