Lots of small Fish at Tippy Dam, Few Caught, Some Reallly Big Males

April 17 to April 20, many small steelhead around 14 to 18 inches were jumping, some dark, some silver.  Over two half days and two full days, small white minnow jig patterns got me a few of them.  I got two very big males on very small 1/64 ounce size #8 jigs.  Only one fat brown hit one of my usual bright UV bead colors.  Very pale, dull pink or pale yellowish white hooked a few steelhead and brown trout  for me and other people.

Brown Trout Fat on Steelhead Eggs Hits 8mm Bead
Small white minnow pattern jigs fished under a bobber hooked the most steelhead over on the trip.
Dark Hatchery Steelhead on Ice Marabou Minnow Jig
Small Skipper Steelhead Hits White Mop Worm Jig
Small Marabou Minnow Steelhead Jigs
Big Steelhead Hits Little #8 White Mop Worm Jig
The second to last day I got one very big male on a 1/64 ounce #8 White Mop Worm Jig.  The last day I was one for two on a very small black stone fly jig.  I briefly hooked other decent fish on small white jigs or pale 8mm beads.
Big Steelhead Hits tiny Black Stone Fly Jig



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