Kayak Pike & Bass April 4, 2023

Point Mouillie State Game Area is a windy place even on a day forecast to have low wind.  I mostly fished the Phragmites and Cat Tail stump cover.  Some green shoots and the moss were just starting to grow, The water was pretty clear.  I got about 10 Pike and 6 bass.  All were small to medium small except the two pictured.  I fished the windy middle water mainly by anchoring and casting to cover. Late in a long fight, I lost a pike longer and much thicker than this one.  I tried to back paddle to hold her out of the weeds forgetting that I was anchored, and that's when she made another quick move to cross my anchor line.   All hits were on White variations of a 1/0 Great Lake Jiggy Streamers shown below.  Chartreuse failed over two good tries.   A white and a chartreuse less flashy 2 inch bead head jig also failed to get a hit.

Both of these photos have flying Pelicans or a flying Pelican in them.



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