Kayak fishing for Bass with Top Water Poppers, Divers 6/9/23

On June 9th the wind on Lake Saint Clair was forecast to be mild and from the North.  The Clinton River Cutoff and Boat launch Bay would be protected.  I found Large Mouth Bass mostly around 14 inches.  I got 3, one was 17 inches on 3/0 White Marabou Bangers, 2 bass on a 4/0 Chartreuse Banger. 

Kayak Lake St Clair Bass Banger Popper Flies


Lake St Clair Popper & Floater Diver BassFlies

 I thought that the several missed hits on the white VS good hooking ratios on the big Chartereuse 4/0 Musky Banger would mean a small Chartreuse Marabou Banger would be good but I got no hits on that.  On a flashy 4/0 White  Bullet Dog I got 5 bass. I was fishing the erratic darting streamlined fly as a surface popper with short sharp rips and about a 1 second pause waiting for it to bob back to the surface. 

Kayak Bass on 4/0 Floater Diver Darter Fly

The wind strengthened and changed, blowing in big waves from the south across Lake Saint Clair.  I sought shelter and better fishing conditions up the Clinton Cutoff Channel.  I have never found bass there and found none today.  Along the shoreline weed edge I saw Carp and Gar lurking.  Switching to a small 2 inch flashy diver made like the Marabou Banger except the front face is cut at an angle so it dives.  I got 4 gar to  hit it before I drifted past the bit of shore line where they were concentrated.  I could have caught a bunch on a Rope Fly Foam Diver.

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