Browns, A Salmon, and Steelhead at Tippy Dam, October 22, 2021

 Friday morning. this Chinook pinched the tips of his hooked jaw down on a Nuke Minnow Jig pattern drifting under a bobber in 9 feet of water.  I gave him to the guy who netted him for me.  If it had been a female I would have released her so her eggs could support the brown trout that grow big an fat eating Salmon Eggs. I also hooked a small brown on that jig in faster water.

 What the browns really wanted were mainly 8mm glow yellow beads drifted near the bottom.  I also hooked a 5lb slender silver steelhead on that 8mm bead. He got off the hook in the middle of a fight notable for ripping fast runs and a couple of high leaps.  This brown took a 10 mm yellow Glow Bead and the last brown of the day took a 10mm UV Egg Yolk Trout Bead.  I tried UV and glow beads in both orange and chartreuse with no hits

Fewer fishermen are coming to harass the dwindling Salmon so maybe they are biting a bit better.  Fall Run Steelhead are starting and slender late running Summer Skamania Steelhead are in.  I saw another steelhead and some Coho Salmon caught.  

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