Bass, Pike on Poppers, Pt Mouilliee September 5, 2022 #4/5

I found Bass and Pike in the same spots as previous trips, I must be wearing them out by now.  Also found some bass in a few new scattered spots.  I finished with 17 bass, 15 to 19.5 inches. More 12 to 14 inch bass than I could keep track of.  All the fish came to 3/0 Chartreuse Marabou Bangers tied extra long with extra flash.  This Pike was the first hit, he blasted through the surface missing the popper.  He came back twice rushing the popper subsurface, getting hooked outside the mouth.  I only needed the lip gripper for this picture and to release a few pike that swallowed the popper, the rest had the popper outside their mouths and I could hand release them by just grabbing the popper head and backing out the broken barb hook.


A black spot bass.


The Pike were really out, I landed 14 Pike small to medium large. Those poppers got roughed up, the tail flash and marabou progressively getting sparser.  Two poppers got bit off. The first Pike was the best I have a picture of.   I didn't see any really big pike like I saw on my first trips here.  I did get two really big hits at dusk.

I found a dead Bowfin.  There should be more of them here in the vast shallow weed choked areas.They hit Divers on the surface well, run bigger than bass and fight hard.  The often get off the hook.  They have sharp teeth but don't bite off your leader.

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