Tie a Swimming Hex, Steelhead Active Nymph Pattern

Carp Smallmouth Steehead Trout

The Swimming Hex imitates nymphs of the giant Hexagenia mayfly as well as many smaller, related burrowing mayfly nymphs including Brown Drakes and many medium big Hexagenia species living in still and moving waters.  The Nymphs all look like this and are strong swimmers with the prominent constantly moving gray gills on the sides of their slender undulating abdomens.  You can definitely catch Steelhead, Smallmouth Bass, Trout, Walleye, Carp, and more on this pattern.  Fish an unweighted version for Bottom Bouncing, under a Float Fishing or stripped across the current when fish will rise to that.  Fish the unweighted version with a swinging or sliding bead on its nose or tie it with a bead head and use  whatever retrieve or presentation is appropriate.

Here is a jig version, a bead head or unweighted version would be the same material and steps.  Use #6 or #8s for the Bigger Hexes and #10 or #12s for Brown Drake nymphs.


A constant Zen level of gentleness is needed when dealing with these delicate After Shaft (filoplume) feathers to keep from  tearing or tangling up their delicate gray fluff fibers.  Here a damp finger tip was used to stroke the fibers forward of the tie in point.



Again, do not catch any fluff fibers up with the wrapping of the dubbing noodle.  A bit of dampness on a finger to stroke back the fluff and no pressure on the feeble After Shaft stem with the winding of the dubbing noodle.




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