Easy Rag Yarn High Water Egg

Egg Flies Steelhead Fly

This is an extremely easy, sturdy egg tie that is very versatile in that it may be trimmed to adjust to conditions on the river.  Fluorescent accent colors may trimmed out of it to make it a more subtle, natural offering.  It uses less yarn than the popular round Glo-Bug so it is more translucent and the colors blend in an attractive way.


Generally fishermen want this for high water in large sizes #4 or #6 in bright multi-color combinations.  It may be more effective if tied in various 2 color combos with a simpler nuke egg effect.  A subtile natural color is tied to surround a much smaller bit of a brighter color nucleus. 

Choose either a bright thread color to add fluorescent hot spot on the nose and underneath the yarn tie in wraps.  Or choose a subtle color to not clash with subtile natural colors.  Colors shown are: Dark Roe, Chartreuse, Cerise.


For a Size #6 like this; Whatever combinations of yarn colors you choose, you should split them down thin enough so their combined bulk is about 1/2 of an average strand of Glo-Bug yarn.

Some proven 2 color egg pattern colors using Glo-Bug colors of egg yarn:

  • Oregon Cheese-orange
  • Oregon Cheese-pink
  • Golden Nugget-cerise
  • Steelhead Orange-chartreuse
  • Steelhead Orange-cerise
  • Chartreuse-st orange
  • Sockeye-chartreuse
  • Apricot-dark roe
  • Dark Roe(orange)-chartreuse
  • Dark Roe-cerise
  • Peachy King-bubblegum pink
  • Egg(white)-orange
  • Baby Pink-chartreuse
  • Baby Pink-cerise

There are many more.  Some colors that can work well by themselves without another color:

  • Flame
  • Steelhead Orange
  • Moss (Fluorescent Green)
  • Oregon Cheese

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