Tippy Dam Steelhead, April 6, 2021

Tippy Dam parking lot was full Tuesday morning, the crowds thinned out as the afternoon wore on.  A few guys with no interest in being considerate of other anglers, one guy wading out 8 feet farther and obstructing everyone else.

Lots of fish jumping, nobody hooking anything except Jeff Bonin fishing the most difficult water and landing 6.  I moved in by him and was 2 for 2 in the late afternoon.  He was using brown and olive rubber leg jig patterns that is the inspiration for my similar brown pattern, he was trailing a bead 30 inches behind it.  He took steelhead alternately on the jigs and yellow or chartreuse 8mm beads.  I got  one on a 1/32 ounce #6 dark brown jig and near dark the second fish on a 1/48 ounce #6 white mopworm jig.  A white jig near dark has been a productive pattern for me.  Trevor landed a couple, hooking fish on a chartreuse 8mm bead, a 1/48 ounce #6 black stone fly jig, and wax worms on a white jig hook.


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