Slow on Floats at Tippy Dam for me, Bottom Bouncers Did Well

I fished floats with beads, then jigs most of the day without touching a fish Two guys came in Bottom Bouncing Flies below me an hooked 6 or more and landed three steelhead.  I touched one good fish when I tightened up on what felt like a snag and then felt a surge or a head shake right before the hook came loose.  Later I had a solid hit and on the fourth head shake he was off.  The newly tied, very strong leader material broke in the middle somehow.  A 12 inch skipper Steellhead hit on a jerky retrieve across an eddy after that.   Both those fish were on a White Nuke Minnow Jig, the questionable first steelhead was on a #8 1/64 oz Pink Head Olive Marabou Jig.

The bottom bouncing guys were casting farther to slower water in the sunchine, that may have been even a bit warmer due to water mixing with the huge eddy that circulates back around over shallow water.  Bottom bouncing is very effective because it puts the fly in the fishes face and draws it slowly sideways in front of the fish as the drift swings down stream.  In cold water it may may be better than bobbers with unbaited jigs or beads.  Bobbers with baited jigs may work better in cold water, a guy hooked two big steelhead doing that up stream.

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