Pidgeon River Smallmouth on Popper Flies 3 of 4

Fly rod popper bass Smallmouth Topwater Pattern

The 3rd day I launched at the Pigeon River Mouth and paddled up to a backwater Channel were Smallmouth and Largemouth have taken small poppers and subtle floater divers for the previous 2 years. 

Pigeon River Backwater Large & Smallmouth
Broken Fly rod fishing big smallmouth in weeds

The second fish was a big smallmouth that took a 1/0 White Dive banger hard.  I just about had her beat and was pulling straight up while she was boring straight down in the weeds right under the kayak.  The rod was a hybrid cobbled together from the butt of a nice 8 Weight St. Croix with a random tip half that came from a shorter 8' 6" six weight rod.  It cast well and had handled a lot of good fish.

Smallmouth on little 1/0 Dive Banger Fly Pattern

I switched the reel with the floating line onto the second rod I had and continued fishing and got a couple more Smallmouth one being almost as big .

top Water Smallmouth 1/0 White Dive Banger

Mixed in with the Small Mouth were 3 largemouth, one being blind in one eye and rather skinny.

Largemouth bass in weeds, Dive Banger Popper
Largemouth, White Dive Banger Popper Fly
Paddleing upstream over deep still water I saw a few bass on beds on the shallower inside bends.  Upstream in shallower flowing water I saw no bass but lots of spawning carp.  Fishing back downstream casting to shore I caught seven more smallmouth on the 1/0 White Dive Banger Popper pattern.
Smallmouth Shallowon popper fly pattern


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