North Cannel Bass on Bangers and Jiggys, July 8, 2021

Returned to North Channel of the Saint Clair River Delta, and found largemouth in shallower side pockets without current who were willing to hit 3/0 or 2/0 White-Silver Bob's Banger poppers or a #2 White-Opal Bead head Jiggy Bucktail.  The water was very clear and 16 inches lower than last years extremely high levels. 

When I blundered into some shallows, several largemouth (Some very Big) would come out of hiding and just casually mill about as if curious or not much afraid.  A couple of these sucked the White Jiggy Bucktail off the bottom after it was flipped ahead of them and allowed to fall and rest on the bottom in plain view.

Out in the deeper current, I lost 3 smallmouth (some big) that hit the Bangers and one that hit the Jiggy retrieved midway down in the water column.  A very big (17 inch?) white bass took the 3/0 white banger but got off close to the kayak.

Landed one more large mouth and lost another good Smallmouth that hit the 2/0 Banger in riffled water when the wind blew up strong enough to keep me moving back upstream toward the Saint John's marsh takeout.

I saw 2 Sheepshead and a Bowfin in the shallows.  I saw only one Hex mayfly and only hooked the one White Bass.  3 years ago the White Bass and Hexagenia we're still going strong at this time.

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