New Nuke Egg Color

 Egg sales have been busy,  I've caught up on most of my stocks of Glow Bugs and Nuke Eggs.  The new color #17 shown here is Niagara Gold over UV Pink with orange thread.  Its about as bright UV and saturated as Chartreuse but almost all yellow with only the slightest bit of UV Green.  My Phone has trouble showing yellow shades accurately.

My experiences catching fish on beads is affecting my thinking on egg colors.  A 10mm Pink Candy Corn UV-Glow bead got a small Coho and fair hooked another bigger fish on my last trip to Tippy Dam.  Similar 10mm Pink beads were effective last fall.

I'm working on more colors of Egg Sucking Leeches and larger rubber Leg Stone Flies but haven't got them up on the site yet.


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