Lakers on Jigs Under a Float, 1 For 2 Au Sable Pier, November 21, 2021

I floated fished jigs under a bobber in the Au Sable river mouth between the parking lot and the pier head.  Casting them out far with spinning tackle and walking them downstream on the cat walk and then down the pier.  I saw occasional fish breaking, maybe spawning Lake Trout, drop back Atlantic Salmon or whitefish.  The lakers were out near the end of the pier where the wind was whipping up 5 foot swells bouncing back and forth between the pier heads.  No need to add any twitches to that constant movement. 

I was fishing 11 feet below the bobber.  One hit on a Nuke Minnow Jig and the other on a White Mop Worm Jig, both 1/32 ounce, Size #6, just under 2 inches long.  Locals were casting spoons an one got a big whitefish that way.  A father and son came and fished minnows in close, trying for Burbot which they had caught last time they were out.  The son switched over to a bobber in close and caught a drop back Atlantic male with a big Kype.  I tried for White Fish with tiny #12 Cheese color Yarn Bubbles and a smaller jig with no luck there or a little up steam.  Further up stream on some spawning gravel, it was mainly no fish, I did see a pair of Atlantics barely moving, they wouldn't take a bead. 

I saw a Snowy Owl flying with a hostile escort of very agitated gulls which she completely ignored.  They lost interest when she landed.  She is looking away, up from the beach, perhaps hoping to se a rodent in the sparse grass up from the beach.  They also eat ducks.  There were Bufflehead ducks, mallards, a cormorant, and a merganser around earlier.


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