Lakers Hitting Streamers off Pier Decmber 8, 2022

It was windy enough to make fly casting difficult.  Some ice was forming in the guides as I stripped steamers.  Mid morning I suspected that I had busted the tungsten bead off of my fly because my forced casts were frequently striking the pier railing.  I made a few more casts and this lake trout took the fly that missing  the bead.  So he took shallower than I thought I was fishing.  I was casting a 9 weight type III medium sinking shooting head.  I was counting it down for 6 seconds.

The second Laker took in the late afternoon on the pattern with the Tungsten bead intact.  Near dusk, a Lake Trout rushed the fly just as I was bring it up to the surface beside the pier,  I let the fly fall and lifted when the speeding trout  turned back down toward the bottom, but he didn't have the fly.

The fish were some what pale because they have just now moved into shallow water.  Here is the 1/0 fly with the bead broken off and a more typical 1/0  tie with the 4.6mm Tungsten bead. The flies are around 6 inches long.

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