Kayak North Channel Bass & Pike

Fishing for all species of bass.  The first drift down casting a 2/0 White Marabou Banger Hooked two holdover White Bass.  The first one was big as the late hold overs usually are and got off after a hard fight.  The second seemed smallish and was quickly off. 

Crossing over to the south side I swithched over to a 4/0 Dive Banger trying for pike along the phragmites wall edges and hooked two, one mid 20s inches which ran toward me and got off,  the second a bit less than 20 inches which I easily let off because he was hooked outside the jaw.  

Kayak Smallmouth, White dive Banger Pattern

Out in the current I got one very dark Smallmouth, they are normally in prime condition, average a bit bigger and you are lucky to land them.

I switched to a 2/0 Chartreuse Marabou Banger in and out of the current pocket and got a LargeMouth and then a couple more on a 2/0 White Dive Banger.

Kayak Bass, Bob's Banger, Marabou Pattern
White Dive Banger Topwater, Kayak Bass

Later I came back to that spot and tried a #4 Bead Head Swim Hex Nymph, stripping it in over deep water where I don't normally get bass, it hooked 3 perch and two bass, one was really big and got off on the first jump.

Swimming Hex Nymph Fly, Saint Clair Bass

I tied up river and after a thunder shower.  For a short time conditions were right for me to drift rapidly along deeper water edges of the phragmites wall and cast a 5/0 Chartreuse Dive Banger at an upstream angle, against the cover and popping it back till it was 8 feet off shore.  I quickly hooked the first bass and a second one struck a the spot I had just lifted it up off the water. 

Saint Clair Bass, 5/0 Dive Banger Fly Pattern

The motor boats came out with a vengeance, throwing huge wakes against the shore, the edges downstream were now in shallower water and only one smaller bass hit.

I should try this for Musky, Pike and Bass on a low wind gray drizzly  October week day.

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