Clinton Spillway Bass, White, Large and Smallmouth

I launched early at the Clinton River Spillway where it opens up into Lake Saint Clair.  Along the rip rap dyke halfway out of the bay, I was casting a 4/0 Chartreuse Banger over 6 inches long when a big bass hit it close to the kayak, got a solid hook set, fought him close, he jumped and got off shortly after that.  He was 19 inches or better.  He had hit on a cast towards open water.  Usually all the fish here come right after casting tight to the rip rap. 

At the rip rap point at the mouth of the bay I switched to a 3/0 White Marabou Banger without success.  Then several bass blitzed minnows on the surface.  My next cast landed where the blitz had been, the blitz then blew up right beside my kayak.  I recast in the estimated direction the action was headed when it blew up again outside my casting range.  As I worked around the area another blitz blew up where the first one had started.  I anchored up wind of the hot corner and prospected for the bass who would surely return.  I switched the lighter rod to a #2 Bead Head White-Pearl-Siver Jiggy, fan casting that for  a minute, I hooked a solid stubborn fish.  Immediately upon hooking that fish, a blitz blew up right there.  I was expecting White Bass and that's what it was.  All the excitement was over 2 inch minnows that looked somewhat like emerald shiners.

Kayak White Bass Bead Head Jiggy Fly
Kayak Bass Banger Topwater Popper Fly


Lake St. Clair Fly Fishing Bass Spot

 I landed 7 bass in all, missed or lost many more.  The rest were on the 3/0 White Banger.  In the Boat Launch Bay, while working out along the long rip rap dyke in the far distance, I landed the only smallmouth which flopped off the deck of the kayak and dislodged the popper.  So no picture of him.  There were more  fish along that long rip rap wall of the marina, by the steel wall on its end and around to the far wall.  I also hooked a couple of fish along the rip rap to the right in this picture.  

Flies for Lake St. Clair Bass and Musky

Back in the spillway bay, there were now bass busting minnows on the surface in four feet of water over the grass flats in the muddier Clinton River water.  Anchoring and fan casting the popper, I got the last bass.


Kayak Lake St. Clair Smallmouth Popper Fly






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