August 5, Weed Max, Hook Up TopWater Bass and Pike

Nice low wind day, little competition parked in the Kayak Launch parking lot. Weeds have choked of lots of spots that normally hold fish.   I started with a Hook Up Popper, 3/0 Green Chartreuse.  I got one medium small pike and 16 inch bass in each of the two cattail labyrinths I covered.  There was good open water in the channels and open spaces in the cat tails.

Bass, Hook Up Popper in weeds
Hook Up Poppers, Bass Under Weeds


Crossing some shallower water with scattered reeds and pockets in clumps of subsurface weeds, I saw what looked like a big Bowfin, I stopped and changed to a quiet marabou Foam Diver I used to get some on.  I fished the area with a hit or two from small bass.  On second thought it was more likely a big carp because there are so many of them here. 

Dive Banger Popper for Kayak Bass
Bluegil on 2/0 Dive Banger Popper
Kayak Bass, 2/0 Dive Banger Popper
2/0 Dive Banger, Kayak Bass

The wind picked up and I headed down the sheltered shore of the long dyke.  Nothing but small bass an bluegills.  Most of lake was choked with subsurface weeds piled up solid to the surface.  Fewer, smaller open pockets produced no bass.  Later in the afternoon a 2/0 White Dive Banger  got hit by a bass or pike in pockets of open water around and inside cat tail islands.  I finished with about 8 bass between 15 and 18 inches, I landed 4 medium small pike.  I lost several fish the size of the ones landed but no hits from big pike.


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