4 Tippy Steelhead on New Tube Jig Leech, January 19, 2023

Tried Beads, a White Minnow Jig and the Pink Head Olive Leech Tube Jig shown on the lower left.  All got a fair trial but then the other guy who had arrived before me said he hooked 4 steelhead before I arrived, he hooked another one and I left the olive marabou leech jig on long enough to hook the first and biggest steelhead and then 2 more.

After a long dry spell with nothing hitting the Olive Leech jig, I tried 5  other jigs and got nothing until putting the Olive-Pink head jig back on.  That took the 4th steelhead.

These Marabou Leeches are tied on a 1/32 ounce #4 Tube Jig Hook.  The hot jig was on a Glow Pink head.  Rubber Leg Jigs on a 1/32 oz #6 round head jigs have caught two fish for me this fall and in past seasons would occasionally take a single fish on a slow day.

  • Marabou Leech Tube Jig Pattern
  • Thread:      Fire Orange 140 Danville Flymasster+ make a tread butt at mid Shank
  • Tail:           Marabou tied ahead of thread butt, 1.75 inches long (Olive here)
  • Waist:       Cactus Chenille or similar, wrap this up onto the jig head behind the eye.  Tie off just behind the eye leg.
This head is light enough to fly cast and the #4 hook would be effective for Smallmouth Bass.


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