Tie a Nuke Minnow Steelhead Jig Pattern

This is a small translucent minnow, another version of various minnows that are some combination of Pearl White and Silver that work well for winter Steelhead in Michigan.  Pearl, White and Silver is dependable color scheme for fish that feed on "White Bait" in fresh and salt water.  Tie this on a down eye wet fly hook to try it as a bead head version.

  • Hook:    #6 or 8  Glow Silver jig head here. 
  • Bead Head:  Silver if doing Bead Head version
  • Thread:  Chartreuse Yellow,  210 or 140 denier
  • Tail:        Thin Glo-Bug color "Egg" is an off white. Folded in and tapered
  • Tail Flash:  Opal Mirage, one strand folded to each side
  • Body:        Opal Magnum Flashabou wound over Chartreuse thread underbody
  • Over Body:  Collar of Egg Yarn tied facing forward & distributed around all sides
  • Gills:    Pink egg Yarn dubbed in a small ball on forward thread wraps
  • Knot:   Whip Finish right behind dubbed Gill spot

The Brown Minnow is done with Black thread, Flame Gill and no tail flash for now.  The Chartreuse Minnow uses Flame Gill Dubbing

I am drifting this on Steelhead Float Tackle, under a bobber close to the bottom, usually with a single tap to the bobber every 4 feet or so. 

Note:  The Photo Below shows the Hook Eye toward you.  This is an easier orientation to start the distribution wrap of the yarn around the hook.  As you go around, the hook eye will not become an obstacle until you are almost all the way around.  








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