Cortland Clear Slow Sink WF I  7, 8 wt

Cortland 333 WF Clear Intermediate 7 and 8wt

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Weight Forward Clear Intermediate, Slow Sinking (1 inch per second).  Heavier density carries more line speed making for quick long casts.  Slick and Soft for shooting line on the cast, snappy strip retrieves and solid hook sets.  Works well for any streamers and Medium to Large Poppers and Floating Divers that are fished quickly.

For Clousers or Bead Heads, count down fast sinking flies and a retrieve of sharp strips will quickly align the fly line straight to the fly for livelier strips, solid feel and hook sets on retrieves as deep as maybe 8 feet.  

Good for Stealthy presentations retrieving light nymphs or leeches in still water.