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Saltwater Shrimp Poppers

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These are for South Florida Mangroves to suggest large shrimp that look very gray with bit of pearly olive and tan.  Tan Foam & Marabou Divers and a diving Popping Wedge in white, chartreuse and purple work well in the mangroves.  These poppers have long silicon legs and flash to trigger that shrimp bite with more surface commotion to draw fish from further away or in deeper water.

The short Owner Mosquito hooks and the heavier wire VMC version of that are my favorite hooks for foam divers.  The Popping Wedge is a floating diver that dives on a longer strip or a quick retrieve.  The Up Poppers are intended to sit low in the surface or even sink slowly and push a lot of water on a snappy twitch and rise upward.

The 3/0 Black Nickel hooks are a great popper hook and are made strong for spinnerbaits to horse bass out of weed cover with heavy plug casting tackle.  The square cut face on these poppers makes a lot of surface disturbance.  Frequent quick but short strips make the most effective moderate popping noise.  Try fishing this popper with a steady quick rhythm of short pops.