Sparkle Emerger $3.50, Para Post 3.25

Sparkle Emerger Yarn & Para Post Poly Propylene fiber hank

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Sparkle Emerger Yarn is a long hank of glossy crinkly parallel fibers with no twist.  It reflects light like the hyaline wings of insects.

As a suck, they get the fish's attention in a very positive way and bring them up for a bug struggling to emerge from a spent translucent husk.

Use these fibers for divided wings, trailing shucks, or the abdomen shuck on patterns like Lefontaine's Caddis patterns:  Emergent Sparkle Pupa and Deep Sparkle Pupa.

Para Post is a hank of polypropylene fibers stiff enough to make good parachute posts, It has some kink to it and can be used for wings or shucks.  Polypropylene is less dense that water so if submerged, it will not contribute to sinking a fly.  To support the weight of the fly some parts of the fly need to be dressed with water repellent dry fly floatant.

Glow Post is a stiff clear-white glossy slightly kinked fiber that glows in the dark. It could be used for posts, shucks, wings or bodies.