Egg Sucking Leeches & Spring Wigglers

Egg Sucking Leeches & Spring Wigglers

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The Egg Sucking Leech is a bold Wooly Bugger that can provoke Steelhead or Salmon into bitting when they won't bite more subtle presentations.  These are unweighted for bottom a bouncing presentation.  They can be fly fished for largemouth or smallmouth bass by sliding a metal bead down the leader to the eye  of the hook or tying a small slit shot or bead into a loop knot.

These are good colors for Spring's Wigglers, on sharp and strong light wire hooks.  The natural colors can represent the large nymphs of the giant Hexagenia,  small cray fish or just a generic krill impression.  Our trout and salmon's sea run ancestors fed on krill.   A dark or black spring wiggler can represents a big stone fly nymph with more movement from the palmered hackle.

Like all flies presented by bouncing lead along the bottom:  use the amount of lead that taps along the bottom jiggling the the rod tip constantly but is rarely stoped by gravel or small rocks.  Bottom bouncing is such an effective fly presentation because that vibration in the line that jiggles the rod also jiggles the fly.  Use a long enough leaders so the fish are not put off by all that racket of the lead tapping the bottom.  Leaders should be about 8 feet in large rivers with strong flow when they require close to half an ounce of lead.  Paradoxically, when the water is low and clear, less lead is used for the gentler current and your leaders can be shorter.