Long & Short Flash Chenilles Dan Bailey
9ft $2.75, 12ft $3.00, 9ft $3.60

Dan Bailey's Long & Short Flash Chenilles & Krystal Flash Chenilles

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Clearance!    Unique and very well made materials.  Both Long and Short Flash have fused thread cores that will not unravel at all when cut.  The cores are slender and strong and are died along with the flash.  Either Because the cores are fused or they are counter twisted in the manufacture, there is no twist issues with these products.

Long Flash Chenille (9ft $2.75) is a a hair smaller than Regular Estaz and and has thinner mylar fibers without and pearl flash except for the Pearl White color which is very flashy.  The Black Long Flash is pretty full.  The other Long Flash colors are sparser and close in size to Large Ice Chenille but make sparser bodies, not nearly as sparse as Polar Chenille though.

Short Flash Chenille (12ft $3.00) is flashy and very much like Medium Cactus Chenille but a bit smaller.  This product would be good in medium sized Wooly Buggers for Steelhead or Smallmouth Bass.

Krystal Flash Chenille (9ft $3.60)