Large Northern Buctails Dyed & Natural
HairLine and Others


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Bucktail is a key ingredient for so many streamer fly patterns:  Clousers, Jiggies, Deceivers, Hollow Flies, Musky Streamers and Poppers, Traditional Trout Streamers, etc.  I use it in some of my best Flies:  Bead Head Bucktail Steelhead jig,   Silver Bullets and Mylar Tube Smelt.  No need to get too fancy with it.  It is mainly used for simple minnow imitations.  Minnows of the type they call "White Bait" on our southern coasts.  If fish were completely predictable, White would be the only color you would need, But......Chartreuse!!!  My preference is for what is some times called Chartreuse Yellow to distinguish it form Chartreuse Green.  The shorter hairs in the mottled brown or dyed center stripe is under used.