UV Nail Polish Colors for Steelhead Beads
UV Polish Colors over Glow Whit Beads
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Bead Paint Polish

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Nail Polish, most colors are glossy when painted on a bead and can make dark spots.  Best used on white beads, shown here on 8mm White Glow Beads.

Wipe most of the Nail polish off the brush back into the bottle, then with the bead on a toothpick, spin the bead on one side of the brush. This will make lightly colored translucent beads.  On a White Glow Bead, a light application of polish lets more light inside to charge up the glow of the bead, so more light comes out of the bead. 

Chartreuse spots take 2 coats or a white under spot.

Standard size bottles, 15ml, 0.5 ounce.

Some Spot Colors as shown on the beads: 

  • #2 Medium Yellow Bead - UV Cerise Spot(#14)
  • #3 Chartreuse Yellow Bead - UV Orange Yellow Spot(#10)
  • #7 UV Lite Yellow Bead - UV Orange Yellow Spot(#10)
  • #8 UV Red Orange Bead - UV Chartreuse Green Spot(#11)
  • #10 UV Orange Yellow Bead - UV Neon Pink Spot(#
  • #11 UV Chartreuse Green Bead - UV Red Orange Spot(#8)
  • #13 UV Neon Orange Bead - UV Cherise Pink Spot(#14)
  • #14 UV Cerise Pink Bead - UV Chartreuse Yellow Spot(#3)
  • #15 Yellow Bead - UV Lite Blue Spot(#16)
  • Top Right Bead -  UV Neon Orange Spot(#13)