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Bead Head Jiggies: Mop Leeches, Hellgrammites

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The Jiggy Minnows are variations on Clousers or Popovick's Jiggy,  Jiggy Mop Leeches and Zonkers are mostly tied on a Sticky #2 J1960 with a plated brass Bead Head.  They are good action patterns for Rip & Fall retrieves to target many game and rough fish species.

  • #2 uses a 5.0mm brass bead head on the 60 degree jig hook
  • #4 uses a 5.0mm bead on the 60 degree hook
  • #6 uses a 4.5mm bead on the 60 degree hook

The Sticky J1960 hook is very sharp 60 degree jig hook with a small barb set well forward of the bend so it sets easily and holds fish well.

The Bead Head Clouser(s) are on a KoreaSun 7423 #2, a larger nickel plated down eye hook.