28 Colors Medium Mop Chenille 4.5mm
26 feet

4.5mm Glossy Mop Chenille 26 feet

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26 feet  4.5mm is a good size Chenille to use for Trout and Steelhead Mop Worms and Grubs.  A furled chenille 2 inch tail with 4.5mm is the right sized for Steelhead, Trout, Smallmouth and large enough for most Largemouth and Walleye.   Tie a bead head jig pattern if fly casting it. 

  •  #1 Dull White on a #6  jig head, drifted under a bobber for Steelhead & Trout.
  • #3 Blotchy Brown is 8 to 12 inches of randomly blotchy mixed Dark and Medium Brown alternated with shorter 2 to 6 inch stretches of lite Tan.
  • #4 Purple Mix is Med Light, Medum & Dark Purple, 4 to 10 inches of each shade
  • #21 Lime Mist is great as the tail on a #4 Chartreuse popper with rubber legs
  • #22 Olive, Red Brown and Slate Brown is 2 inches of each color alternating.