16 Colors Small Mop Chenille 3. to 3.5mm
Steelhead on 1/64 oz #8 Mop Worn Jig
30 feet

Small Mop Chenille 2.0mm 3.0mm & 3.5mm

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This Thinner chenille works for Mop Worms with a 1 to 2 inch tail for Steelhead, Trout, Panfish or Carp.  Big packages with 26 ft, 30ft or more of chenille.

To make a furled chenille tail,  it takes about twice the tail length.   Add a bit  more for the shortening due to twisting,  more if you are going to use the excess for the under body and body.  A Simple Jig Pattern:

#1 Underbody;  Tie in chenille at head or bead and bind it back to tail tie in point..  #2  Twist;  Grip chenille in hackle pliers a bit over twice tail length behind the tail tie in.  use it to twist the chenille, make its built in twist tighter.  (so the tread core gets tighter and the chenille gets slightly shorter).  #3 Fold  the twisted tail chenille in half to double it then retie it down at tail tie in point.  You have a narrow loop held straight back.  #4  Coax the tail loop to twist around itself under some tension to make a worm tail.   #5 Advance the thread to the head, Wind a body forward with the remaining chenille forward to tie it off behind the head.