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Glow Beads in low light
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10mm $1.00 10pack. 8mm $1.00 15pack

10mm & 8mm Beads

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10mm & 8mm Beads come in the following styles.  Glow in the Dark, UV (Fluorescent), Opaque, Clear, Semi Clear, Matte Surface, Gloss Surface, and Pearlescent Surface. Most Glow beads and Clear Beads are Glossy.  Semi Clear Beads have some pigment in the plastic that absorbs part of the light passing through the beads.  A Clear bead with a matte surface comes out Semi Clear also.

Glow in the Dark Beads react to UV light that penetrates the water or is perportionally greater on cloudy days or low light conditions.  They charge up while you are retrieving and casting them, then their glow is that  much brighter below the water or in cloudy water.

These beads have small holes that peg easily.

10mm: $1.00 per 10pack.   8mm:  $1.00 per 15pack. 

10mm 20 Bead Assortment has 4 glow in the dark colors, a UV opaque Yolk, UV Peach, UV Clear Orange,  colors for $2.00.

8mm 30 Bead Assortment has 4 glow colors, 3 UV opaque, and 4 UV Clear or Semi Clear colors.

 Bead Painting Kit has 45  8mm beads and 30  10mm beads, $6.00 value.  The 4 colors, (#3, #7, #10, and #12) of UV Nail Polish, $8.00 value.   Included are free toothpicks to hold the beads while painting them or to peg the beads ahead of the hook while fishing. 

UV & Glow Beads and Pegging Tools


 Glo-Beads work great in all light and water color conditions. Use these plain beads as is or add a nail polish spot on them.  Also check out the big selection of 8mm colors,  Spot on Painted Beads and Spotted Beads. 

To make your own painted beads, use a light coat of Nail Polish on a Glo-White Clear bead and add a contrasting spot color.  The more light that can get through the thin coat of nail pollish, the more light will come out of the bead.