Mustad 32833 X Strong Jig Head Colors
Steelhead Jig hooks Sticky 2XStrong
Jig Heads, UV & Glow Heads Kicking in low light
Glow & UV Steelhead Jig Head Colors
$3.50 per 5pack, Size #2 is a 4pack

Mustad Steelhead Jig Heads

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Ball Jig heads on the Mustad 32833BN  X-Strong 90 degree Steelhead hook Sizes  1/80 ounce #10 to 1/8 ounce #2.   Oven Cured Powder Coat in great colors.  The hook eyes are always clear.  $3.50 5packs except Size #2 1/8 oz is a 4pack

The heavier 2X Strong J1990BN is a new hook for jig heads: 1/64oz #8 , 1/32oz #6, 1/16oz #4 and Tube Jigs on 1/32oz #4 and 1/16oz #2 Jig Heads.  They are now on their own Page

Photo #2 shows how bright the UV and Glow  Colors are in low light. 

Good sizes for Great Lakes Steelhead are #6  1/48oz, #6  1/32oz and #8  1/64oz.  West Coast Steelheaders like the heavier #4 1/16 oz jigs.  Steelhead Jigs are fished under a bobber, natural drift or with some added action.  Jig heads are effective at quickly getting the bait or jig pattern into the strike zone and surely hook about 100% of hits.  Jig heads can be dresses with a rubber lure or fly patterns such as  Leaches, Minnows, Mop Worms, Hex nymphs, Stonefly nymphs, or Rubber Leg creatures.

For Fly Casting, smaller sizes ( 1/80 oz  #10, 1/64 oz  #8, 1/48 oz #6 and maybe 1/32 oz #6 )  are pleasant to fly cast and effective when drifted under an indicator or retrieved as quick moving patterns for trout. 

Silver Heads for pink, white or chartreuse trout worms, and for any Pearl-White-Silver minnow pattern.  Black Heads for Nymphs, Leaches, bottom minnows or creature patterns.  UV Flame or Chartreuse heads are good in muddier southern streams.  Glow Pink is my favorite with Olive Goby and Rubber Leg Jig patterns