Bead Head Rabbit Leech, Zonker Patterns

Bead Head Zonkers & Estaz Bunny Leaches

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Great for Bass, Pike, Walleye, Bowfin, Sheephead and incidental Catfish you may encounter.  The long tails on these serpentine lures undulate in a sinuous up and down curving path with every twitch and pause.  They are essentially weight forward jig flies.  They are great early season flies for sluggish fish in cold water.  As the water warms they get hit out of aggression or just as an easy soft meal.

Best presentation is some slow or quick version of rip and fall.  For all the species, I like 3 quick snappy short rips, followed by a fall of about 2 or 3 seconds. Fish near the bottom and slow it down in colder water.  Expect to feel the fish after the fall when you start the first rip.

The Estaz Bunny Leaches have a bead head on a down eye hook and the bodies are trimmed so they fish hook point up for less fouling on the bottom and better hook sets.  The standard Zonkers are tied on straight eye hooks to fish hook down, they have more minnow like flash and may work better for fish like Pike that want minnows.  Good colors are Purple, Chartreuse, White and Black.