2XStrong Steelhead Jig Heads
#4 & #2 Powder coated Tube Jig Heads
Ball Head & Tube Jig 5packs $3.50

Heavy Wire Steelhead Jig Heads

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Jig Heads on the Sticky 1990BN 2xStrong forged Jig Hook.  Compared to the popular Mustad 32833BN hook, this hook has heavier wire, a slightly shorter shank and the point is longer with the barb noticeably further forward of the bend.  This hook holds fish better.  If you break off the barb this good design will still hold fish well.

  • Ball Heads: 1/64 ounce Size #8, 1/32 ounce #6, 1/16 ounce #4
  • Tube Jigs:   1/32 oz #4.  1/16 oz #2

Oven Cured Powder Coating makes an indestructible and attractive finish in great colors.  The eyes are 100% clear coming out of the oven.