Straight Eye Predator Hooks 1/0 to 6/0
VMC & KoreaSun Musky - Predator hooks
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VMC & KoreaSun Musky - Predator hooks

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The KoreaSun 7362BN have wire weight very close to the VMC hook.  The barbs are well forward of the bend,  Their slightly shorter shanks hold fish better, offering less leverage for fish to shake them loose.  The larger barbs will make them harder to set if the barbs are not broken off or filed shorter.   The Popular Mustad 32608 5/0 and 6/0(listed on another page) are shown for comparison.  Their heavier wire will make good hook sets harder, and their longer shanks will offer more leverage for the fish to shake them.  All of these hooks are very strong, more than enough for any fish you might want to use them for.

The VMC 7250BN comes in sizes 5/0 to 1/0.  Compared to the Mustad 32608 5/0, the VMC has thinner wire, a smaller barb cut further forward of the bend, and a shorter Shank.  The VMC sets quicker and offers less shank length leverage to shake it loose.