Tungsten Slotted Beads, Silver, Black, Gold
18pack to 13pack

Tungsten Slotted Beads, Silver, Black, Gold

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Slotted Tungsten Beads are designed so the slot cut into the back of the hole fits into the bent up leg to the eye on 60 degree jig hooks.  This keeps a bit more Tungsten in the head so they are a bit heavier.

18packs to 13packs, all sizes are $4.00

The largest, 5.5 mm size has a very small hole, so only barbless hooks will work.  Shown here is a J19 #8  heavy wire jig hook.  This barb must be broken off or mashed down.  This hook truly is more of a size 4.  A larger 60 degree hook of lighter wire could work with this 5.5mm Slotted bead also.