Straight Eye Bead Trailer Hooks
Barbless Bead  Wide Gap Trailer Hooks
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Straight Eye Trailer Hooks

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These are some good offset hooks to use behind a Bead, an Intruder Shank Streamer or a Tube Fly.  The offset  can be an asset or straightened with pliers and no harm done.

When fishing pegged beads, hooking and holding percentages are often not good. I do better with the #6 Sticky behind 8mm Beads and behind 10mm beads I like the #4 TFS 104.  These hooks have slightly thinner wire and they set better then hold better for me.  I break the barbs off both hooks which greatly helps them set securely.  Short shank hooks seldom come loose once they are set well.

I use the KoreaSun 7057 for all the egg flies I tie.  Since the fish are actually taking the hook into their mouth, the slightly heavier wire sets well.

The KoreaSun 7259BN Barbless #6, #8 & #10 have very wide gaps = to about sizes #2, #4, & #6.  See Photo #2