Steelhead Stone Fly # Nymph Patterns
Chrome Steelhead, Swimming Hex Nymph
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Steelhead Nymphs

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Steelhead Nymphs are effective finesse offerings usually presented by bottom bouncing or drifting under a float with or without some added movement.  They are tied without added weight.

Simple Stones are now in Sizes #6, 8 & 10  Rubber Leg Stones are now on #6 and the Xtra Strong #4 KoreaSun 7021XS for Salmon.

Steelhead Saprrows, Olive-Pink Gill & Chartreuse Gill are now on #4 Xtra strong KoreaSun 7021XS for Salmon.  The Black Steelhead Sparrow is on the KoreaSun 7311 Wide gap 1XShort Steelhead hook.

The Spring Wigglers have been moved and expanded to 6 colors on the Egg Sucking Leech page.  They are now on the Xtra strong KoreaSun 7021XS #4 which is a compact hook that keeps them the same size as the #6 up eye they used to be on.

The Steelhead Soft Hackles are now on the smaller #8 KoreaSun 7311 Steelhead Hook.