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These jigs are made to have good action when hanging under a float.  Jigs for Great Lakes Steelhead and also get hit by Salmon.  They fish well under a float on center pin or spinning tackle or under an indicator with fly tackle. They are effective drifted near the bottom with or without an occasional twitch or more aggressive action.

The Oven Cured Powder Coat finish is extremely durable.  Those labeled 1/64 oz or 1/32 oz respectively are on #8 or #6 Sticky 1990BN 2X Strong Hooks.  If a #6 jig is not labeled for ounce weight, it is probably also available on the Mustad 32833 XStrong 1/48 oz head.  Inquire by text or email if you prefer the Mustad or Sticky hook.  I like the Sticky 1990BN because its longer point, with the barb further forward of the bend holds fish better.

BeadHead Jigs (4.5mm, 5.0mm, or 5.5mm Beads) are tied on bent up heavy fly hooks or 60 degree jig hooks bent up to 90 degrees to make a balanced jig that drifts with its body naturally horizontal.  The bright Silver bead heads are good on white minnow patterns.