Saltwater Stainless Steel Hooks #6 to 2/0
Targus (TMC) 800S #2, 4, 6 with Foam Divers
Dai Riki 810BN Exrta Strong  Hook
Targus (TMC) 800 Size #6, #4, #2
25 and 50packs

Stainless Steel Salt Water Hooks

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  • Four brands of Stainless Steel hooks here. 
  • Targus (TMC) 800S is the ideal hook for Surf Candies and other application where a very strong sharp drop point hook with the barb well forward of the bend to hold strong fish.  Photo #2 and #4
  • Eagle Claw #4 and 2/0 Stainless and a good design and value.  A small barb well ahead of the Limerick bend. 
  • Mustad 34007SS #1, #2 25pack, #6 50pack
  • Dai-Riki hooks have sharp points and smaller barbs.
  • Most in 25packs, some 50packs.