Craft Fur Colors 9 X 9inch pieces
Long Fiber Craft Fur 9 X 9inch pieces
New Colors Craft Fur, 2 inch fibers

2 inch Select Craft Fur

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Craft Fur is a  very fine fiber tapered synthetic "fur" that has a lot of movement, translucency, and gloss.  These colors have lots of 2 inch and lots of mid length fibers and will make well proportioned wings and tails without having to comb out too much short underfur.

The Brown Wolf color has longer fibers of 1.5 inches and lots of mid length fibers

The Sparse, Tan like a lot of craft fur, has too much short underfur and not enough longer and midsize fibers.  I takes bigger bunches to get enough longer fibers by pulling out lots of short fibers.