Fresh, Saltwater Clouser Minnow Patterns
Tan Fox Clouser Minnow Pattern
Black Clouser Minnow Pattern
Tan Clouser Minnow Pattern
Chartreuse-Olive Clouser Minnow Pattern

Salt Capable Clouser Minnow

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The Clouser Minnow pattern is known for catching many species, Stripers, Snook, Redfish, Seatrout in saltwater, Smallmouth in fresh water.

These Clousers are tied on Nickel or Tin plated hooks that often have better steel and fish holding design than hooks available in Stainless steel.  They work well in salt water. Like anything made with any metal, wash them in fresh water as soon as possible.  these are some of my favorite hooks.  They all have the barb well forward of the bend and hold fish well.

Eagle Claw 254N #2  Short (Xs), wide eye.   KoreaSun 7423N #2   Down eye, Heavy sproat.    Mustad 9177 #1 Heavy Forged, Wide eye.