Nuke Eggs

Nuke Eggs

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Nuke Egg has a sparse translucent veil of an outer color over a smaller brighter core (nucleus).  This shows off the fly's translucency, and Nuke Eggs usually out fishes more solidly colored and round egg flies. The Nuke egg evolved from snelled yarn and simple yarn flies. 

Egg flies are best fished with a dead drift presentation.  Suspend them close to the bottom with a small point shot at least 20 inches from the fly, larger shot further back, hanging below a bobber or strike indicator.  If bottom bouncing, use long leaders, 5 to 8 feet between lead and the fly.

The "Natural Colors" and the most effective and popular colors are at the top or the color list.  The last listed colors may be seasonal, regional or species specific and not available in all sizes at all times.