1/4oz Long Marabou, 11 Key  Colors
1/4 oz Long Marabou, 5 Great Colors
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Marabou, Large 1/4 Ounce Package

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Large 1/4 ounce Package, All Full andFluffy, Thoroughly Dyed, Excellent Colors.

Long Fibered for tails or wings up to 3inches or longer. Purple, Black, White, Tan, Olive, Golden Olive, Regular Olive, Pale Olive, and UV Yellow, UV Chartreuse Green.

Medium-Short Fibered:  Black, Brown Olive.  Up to 2 inch tails or wings

Short Fibered Yellow, So Called Wooly Bugger Marabou up to 1.5 inch tails or wings, very soft with more feathers.