Korean Curved Nymph & Emerger Hooks
KoreaSun 50packs $4.00

KoreaSun Curved Emerger & Nymph Hooks

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The KoreaSun 7018BN is a top quality hook designed for Klinkhammer Emerger type patterns but also a great curved nymph hook.  The 7050 is short shank, slightly offset and curved, particularly if you tie part way down the bend.  Small patterns like midge or caddis larva will have a wider gap for whatever body lenght you are going for.  Larger sizes are a good medium wire egg hook.  The KoreaSun 5052 is a standard light wire down eye curved hook for scuds, larva, and emergers.  The Sticky E13 are straight eye light wire hooks that set quickly and are well suited to emergers and small nymphs.

KoreaSun Hooks $4.00 per 50 hooks.

Sticky Hooks  $3.00 per 25pack