KoreaSun Down & Straigh Eye Dry Fly Hooks
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KoreaSun Down & Straigh Eye Dry Fly Hooks

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Kamasan B401 micro barb size #8 and #10 are premium standard down eye Dry Fly Hooks.   $6.00 50pack

KoreaSun 7010 are big fish hooks.  The shorter shank length means whatever size fly you tie will have a wider gap and longer point to hold fish better.  Consider dry fly hooks hooks for nymphs and wet flies as the lighter dry fly wire will set quicker on light biting fish.   $4.00 50pack

KoreaSun 7011 are 1XLong to tie larger flys with better shape and that float better with the lighter wire and less weight in the hook bend.  $4.00 50pack

Sticky Sharps D4 1XL  #4 and #6 are great for big flies, dry or wet.  The barbs are well forward of the bend to hold fish well.  $3.00 25pack

KoreaSun 7013 Straight eye Dry Fly hooks are better for tying many patterns especially when tying patterns using foam.  $4.00 50pack

Targus 921 #8 and #10 1XShort are a great big fish hook with the shorter shank to give the fish less leverage and proportionally wider gap and longer point to hold them better.  $6.00  50pack

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  • Mustad R50 Standard Dry Sizes #4, #8, #16  $5.00 or $5.50 50pack
  • Allen D103S Straight Eye, 2XL Dry  Sizes #10, #12  $4.00 50pack
  • Sticky 1830BN Bent Eye Leg Spinner Sizes #10, 12  $3.00 25pack