sizes of 4 models KoreaSun Barbless Jig hooks
2 more Models Sticky 60 Jig Hooks
Barbless Jig Hooks & Matching Bead Sizes
50pack $5.00, 3 Models, Sizes #4 to #18

KoreaSun Barbless Jig hooks, 50pack for $5.00

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Long Sharp Points, Strong Hooks.    $5.00 per Pack of 50.

KoreaSun Barbless Jig Hooks Photo #1.
5220BN with a straight shank works well for minnow or leech patterns.
5230BN has a wide gap and a curved point good for a range of patterns.
5240BN is XWide Gap and short shank is good for small nymphs, larva and scuds.
5218BN is barbed and has the same straight shank, point and shape of the 5220.

Sticky Barbless Jig Hooks  Photo #2  $3.00 25pack
J2060BN Straight, shorter shank, straight point
J2760BN Curve Short shank, XWide Gap, Curved Point.

These 60 Degree Jig Hooks will work well with Slotted Tungsten Beads or Counter Bored Brass or Tungsten Beads.


Ice Marabou Barbless Trout Jig Minnow Pattern

Pearl White & Sliver, PWS Minnow Jig:  4.0 or 4.5mm Silver Bead, Chartreuse body thread 140D, Marabou tail, Pearl Ice Dub body, Fire Orange thread collar 140D.