Heavy Egg, Trailer & Numph Hooks
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Heavy Egg and Scud Hooks

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KoreaSun 7057  Is a great Egg and Trailer hook.  Strong Steel, Sharp Smooth Points, Barbs set well forward of the bend. It hooks and holds fish hooked on  Beads very well.  3XShort, XStrong Straight eye, Offset.  Size #4 to #12  Sizes #6 to #12  $4.00 50pack

KoreaSun 7051 :  Heavy wire, curved shank, down eye, offset, 1Xwide gap, 2XShort Shank.  Used as an egg hook or to tie small Steelhead Nymphs with a curved body, such as Scuds, Sow Bugs, Caddis Larva, Stone Flies, or Pheasant Tail Nymphs.   Sizes #6 to #14.  $4.00 50pack

KoreaSun 7050 :  Medium Wire, Straight Eye, Offset, 3XShort for small eggs, curved nymphs or as a trailer for small beads.  Sizes #8 to #14 here, Sizes down to  #20 on Curved Emerger hooks page.  $4.00 50pack

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  • Allen N203  Heavy Scud, Nymph, Egg Sizes #10, #12  50pack $5.00