KoreaSun, Targus, Allen XLong Hooks
Dai-Riki XLong Nymph and Hopper Hooks
$2.25-3.25 25pack, $4.00-6.00 50pack

Streamer Hooks KoreaSun 7031 Extra Strong, 2X Long

Regular price $2.25 $0.00 Unit price per

The KoreaSun 7031 is a great 2XLong Streamer Hook.  Stout in the larger sizes for Bass, Steelhead or big Trout, Medium wire in smaller sizes for Stream Trout.   Good for Rabbit Leaches, Skinny Gurglers, Wooly Buggers, Large Terrestrial type Attractor Dries or Traditional Streamers.  $4.00 per 50pack small sizes,  $2.25 per 25 Large Sizes

Targus 300 #4, 5212 #6 & #8 are the same great hooks from the same manufacturer as Tiemco at 1990 prices.  The 5212 are in 50packs for$6.00

Photo #2 Dai-Riki 280 #6 Curved Hopper Dry & Dai-Riki 060 #6 & #8 1XLong XStrong Nymph are all $5.50 per 50pack

VMC 9283 #4 4XL Streamer $2.50 per 25pack


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