KastKing Flaoting WF Fly Lines 8wt,  10wt

KastKing Propel Floating WF Fly lines

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These Weight Forward lines are one half line weight heavier than the labeled weight to load the rod faster.  The Bass Taper has the forward belly portion a little shorter to load the line sooner on a shorter back cast then shoot the line well on the forward cast.  Bright Yellow color with welded loop on the end to attach the leader.  High floating with slick smooth surface. 

All of these heavier weight lines (7, 8, 9, 10 weight) come with 100 yards of 30 lb Dacron backing already attached to the end of the 90 foot lines.  Your reel may not require the full 100 yards to fill the spool correctly but at least you will not have to buy and tie on the backing.